Every morning when I get off the bus, before I go to work I stop at Tim Hortons to get a large single-single and a plain tea biscuit.

This morning I was waiting patiently to get my breakfast and a man came and stood in front of me... I didn't really care, I wasn't in that much of a hurry to get to work. So when the woman asked who was next, I looked at him, assuming that since he jumped in front of me, he was in a hurry to get some where and wanted to go first. He looks at me and goes "Well, this little lady is next, but she's too shy to order!"


I was pissed off. I was trying to be polite and let him go first. I wasn't intimidated by the Tim Hortons worker. I wasn't afraid to say "A large single-single please". I WAS BEING NICE. NOT SHY. I don't consider myself to be an overly shy person. I don't like being judged by some man in Tim Hortons. Especially when he then feels the need to loudly exclaim his thoughts about me to the whole store.

I seethed the entire way to work. But then on my office door there was a hallowe'en bag filled with mini chocolate bars, which did make me feel much better.


I've booked my tickets home for Christmas! I'll be back on The Rock from December 16 - January 6. Make plans, lots of fun ones. And I'll be in Hr. Grace the entire time... Can't wait! Seven more weeks!


Last night my roommate and I were searching blockbuster for something we could both agree on. I was ready to give up and go home when I found Jem. Two different videos. I can't even begin to explain my excitement. Anyone who knew me in childhood knew that Jem (and barbie) was my life. I was giddy with joy. And now I don't want to return them. I can always open an account at another store. Does anyone know what effect unreturned kids videos have on your credit? It was only $2.02 to rent them. That shouldn't stop me from buying a car in a few years, right?

I can't wait to get home tonight and watch the second video. I hope the episode where they are in Hawaii and Kimber gets stuck in a volcano is on it.

Side note: As we were checking out, we asked the check-out guy if they had any He-Man or She-Ra videos. I'm pretty sure he didn't even know who they were. Is that possible? A guy in his early/mid twenties not knowing about the Master of the Universe or the Princess of Power!?


It's Friday! Finally... Not much going on this weekend, lots of laundry, hopefully lots of beer.

And hopefully costume making. Megan and I are going as M&M's (get it? heehee)... But we're not quite sure yet how exactly we will make these costumes. We want them to be cute and fun, but also appealing to the opposite sex and easy to dance in. Not an easy task! If you have suggestions.... Let me know...

...Only 4 hours and 26 minutes and it is WEEKEND!


When I was in primary school, the school board (or maybe it was my crazy teacher) decided to institute a new program. Instead of teaching children to spell correctly, they had a 'creative spelling' program, where the kids were allowed to spell words however they wanted, however the kid thought they 'should' be spelled.

I'm not sure why they thought it would be a good idea. I doubt it really inspired creativity. I think it just created a generation of horrible spellers. Now when I spell things when I'm stressed/tired/otherwise distracted, I spell them as they sound instead of as they should be.

For example, 'snail' has become 'snale' and 'noise' has become 'noice'. I do it constantly without realising, especially in MSN conversations.

Ugh. Damn Newfoundland school system, working hard to make sure that 'dumb newfies' is still an accurate stereotype.


Can someone let Mother Nature know I'm looking for her, and I'm pissed? PixieSparkle is ready to lay the smackdown on nature. I'm gonna open a big can of whoop ass. And something about taking names later. It is only October and already I'm wearing my winter accessories. While I do love my cute red touque and matching scarf, and my mittens are really cozy, I'd be happier if they were still at the top of the linen closet collecting dust. It wasn't that long ago that I put them away. I'm pretty sure I was still wearing them in April in Kitchener, and now I'm wearing them in October in Halifax. It doesn't have to be thirty degrees everyday, but I shouldn't be risking frostbite seven months of the year.

So, Mother Nature, you've been warned. Sleep with one eye open.


Some of the highlights from my visit to the psychic include:

>> I'm going to have twins. Likely boys. [Which is what I've been saying since I'm a kid and what other psychics have told me -- Joshua and Joel]
>> I'm going to get married, most likely to someone I already know and had a relationship with. The relationship would have ended because of school/work/distance, not on bad terms.
>> I'm stubborn.
>> I am rebellious and do whatever I want... Strong sense of self.
>> I will live to be between 80-90, and will live to see kids and grandkids.
>> I will travel a lot. I believe the term used was "Grandma-a-go-go". Lots of small day trips, trips between provinces, but a few trips overseas. One across the Atlantic, likely in the next year.
>> When I fall in love, my head isn't really involved. I'm all heart!
>> I get my strength and a lot of who I am from my Father.
>> I will have two careers, both very different from one another.
>> I can be dramatic and love being the centre of attention. Am a good actress.
>> I live in the moment and don't think too much about the future.
>> I will be like my mother and grandmother. (!!)

And this is a quote I found this morning... It's a french proverb, I believe... "In love there's always one who kisses and one who offers the cheek."


I was getting my eyebrows waxed yesterday (and I came thisclose to getting my nose pierced, but that's another post), and the woman was so annoying. When it came up that I lived in Kitchener for four months, she kept repeating "THAT IS SO IRONIC! I WAS BORN IN KITCHENER!" over and over and over. It got to the point where I almost jumped out of the chair. It wasn't ironic, not even a bit. It was barely a coincidence. It was certainly not nearly as exciting as her repeated exclamations would make you think.

"Like, oh my god! That isn't ironic! Irony is like, when the actual meaning is, like, the opposite of the figurative meaning! Like totally!"


My to-do list for this weekend:

>> buy groceries
>> drop off dry cleaning
>> go to library
>> find a copy of super mario 3 and mega man 2 for our nintendo (!! we have original nintendo !!)
>> visit psychic

Half of my list makes me feel like a grown up. The other half, not so much.


Words of advice to would-be comforters:

"Things could be worse" is NOT comforting. Not even a little. If I'm feeling bad, hearing about how horrible it could be does not make me feel better about the current predicament.

I think I prefer non-verbal support. Be there for me, give me a blanket to cuddle with, maybe some hot chocolate, and leave me alone to read whatever book I'm drowning myself in. A simple "I'm here for you" will suffice.

And Megan, thanks for being here!


When I got sick when I was little, the only thing I wanted to eat was my grandmother's porridge. Although my mother swears that she used the exact same recipe, it was never the same. Often, my grandmother would end up coming to my house to make it for me because I wouldn't eat what my mom had made. There is just something innately comforting about nan's porridge.

Today feels like a porridge day. I'd give anything to be in her kitchen eating hot porridge with a cold glass of milk.


I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. I’m never setting foot inside The Dome again. I somehow ended up there Friday night, even though the plan was the Alehouse. It was not a fun night. The music was bad, and after talking to the dj and getting something remotely danceable played, we hit the dance floor…

Are you familiar with The Dome? The dance floor has large screens around it that show ads or tv or the dance floor itself. When we started dancing, it was showing the end of Save the Last Dance, so I was mainly watching the movie and not really dancing. Then the dj switched on the camera to US. So instead of Julia Stiles and Sean Patrick Thomas dancing, it was my friend and I. Not cool.

Then, for no apparent reason, the dj started talking about my friend and I. Something about seventies porn stars. No idea why. There was no Farrah hair. No platform shoes. Not even hootchie clothes. At this point, we decided the night should be over, so we ate pizza and left.




It could all be so simple/But you'd rather make it hard
Loving you is like a battle/And we both end up with scars
Tell me, who I have to be/To get some reciprocity
No one loves you more than me/And no one ever will

Is this just a silly game/That forces you to act this way
Forces you to scream my name/Then pretend that you can't stay
Tell me, who I have to be/To get some reciprocity
No one loves you more than me/And no one ever will

No matter how I think we grow/You always seem to let me know
It ain't workin'/It ain't workin'
And when I try to walk away/You'd hurt yourself to make me stay
This is crazy
This is crazy

I keep letting you back in/How can I explain myself
As painful as this thing has been/I just can't be with no one else
See I know what we got to do/You let go and I'll let go too
'Cause no one's hurt me more than you/And no one ever will

Care for me, care for me/I know you care for me

There for me, there for me/Said you'd be there for me

Cry for me, cry for me/You said you'd die for me

Give to me, give to me/Why won't you live for me

This song by Lauryn Hill fits today.

Do you know what would be cool? If time stopped while you were sleeping. Think of all the extra time you'd have to do fun stuff! You could nap while at work and still get all your work done and not get in trouble. Everyone would be much happier if they weren't sleep deprived. Someone should work on developing this. Maybe that guy from the future who came back to play the stock market a few months ago.


"Oh, you hate your job? There's a support group for that. It's called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar."

[I don't actually hate my job, I just thought it was a funny quote.]


Someone did a search for Veela, and they found me. I'm not sure if I should feel victorious because I kinda won, or weird, because I mention Veela so much that people are finding this site.



Random thoughts for today....

>> Across from my office, there is a house full of dal students. The guys who live there constantly sit on their porch, play guitar and sing. I can't figure out if I find this cute or pretentious.
>> I should put 'excellent at feigning interest' on my resume. I'm really good at pretending to care about stuff that actually bores me to tears.
>> I really like the song Low, by Kelly Clarkson (And that girl gets so many mentions on this page I should just make this an 'I heart Kelly' blog). And speaking of Idols, I also really like the song by the Canadian Idol. Whatever his name is.

Thats all for now.


My Oktoberfest Adventure or Polka, Polka, Polka

Last Saturday we headed out to Tatamagouche for the biggest Oktoberfest celebration in Canada (Outside of Kitchener-Waterloo). Held in the local stadium, it was just like I was back in Newfoundland. Since it was almost a week ago, memories are blurry (the 2 bottles of wine, zambooka, and white russians might have something to do with that). Anyway, the highlights were:
>> Playing drunk trivial pursuit. It was the edition for 7 - 12 year olds, and I kicked serious ass.
>> Shanna falling off the deck and into the bushes while playing drunk trivial pursuit. (In order to answer you had to make your predetermined noise and jump out of your seat ... she did this a little too enthusiastically and ended up on the ground)
>> Doing the chicken dance in a decorated rink to a band dressed in traditional costumes.
>> Arguing with some random man about the ingredients in a white russian. PixieSparkle gets QUITE argumentative when drinking. Just agree with her.
>> Having a drunk moment with Megan in the bleachers of the stadium.
>> Walking down Jordan's long and very dark driveway in the middle of the night.
>> The morning after, watching people try to get the water out of the console of the rented Lincoln Navigator with an empty McDonalds cup. (The night before the console made an awesome ice box. The morning after, it was just a big mess)

That was my Oktoberfest. We returned to the city on Sunday, just in time to get hit with Hurricane Juan.

Hurricane Juan Takes on Halifax or PixieSparkle Goes Insane

At first, a hurricane seemed fun. We didn't prepare or anything, we thought it would be over in a day. We were wrong. We were without power/phone for almost 100 hours. It went out Sunday at around 12:30 a.m. and finally came back on Thursday just before supper time. I love my roommates, but this was far too much togetherness. I had nothing left to say.

Low points of the hurricane include:
>> Living off chips and crackers for four days. It doesn't sound bad in theory, but it really was. I gained about 7 lbs.
>> Pretending we were in a musical and singing everything we spoke.
>> Playing cards/board games for hours. Getting angry about rules we weren't used to. (I should clarify, by playing cards I mean LOSING REPEATEDLY)
>> Making our friends with power and a satellite watch 'From Justin to Kelly'. Sorry guys (Although I do think they secretly enjoyed it).
>> Watching the power come on everywhere but here. Across the road, the other half of our street, down the street the other way, etc.

Lest you think we had no fun this week, here are the high points:
>> Pretending we were Peter Mullett on our patio during the storm. (Holding on to the rail and screaming about the weather in a pretend microphone while trying not to blow away)

Actually, that was the only high point. And I haven't seen him on TV since, so I'm kinda worried about Peter and his cameraman George.

It is SO good to be back.