My Oktoberfest Adventure or Polka, Polka, Polka

Last Saturday we headed out to Tatamagouche for the biggest Oktoberfest celebration in Canada (Outside of Kitchener-Waterloo). Held in the local stadium, it was just like I was back in Newfoundland. Since it was almost a week ago, memories are blurry (the 2 bottles of wine, zambooka, and white russians might have something to do with that). Anyway, the highlights were:
>> Playing drunk trivial pursuit. It was the edition for 7 - 12 year olds, and I kicked serious ass.
>> Shanna falling off the deck and into the bushes while playing drunk trivial pursuit. (In order to answer you had to make your predetermined noise and jump out of your seat ... she did this a little too enthusiastically and ended up on the ground)
>> Doing the chicken dance in a decorated rink to a band dressed in traditional costumes.
>> Arguing with some random man about the ingredients in a white russian. PixieSparkle gets QUITE argumentative when drinking. Just agree with her.
>> Having a drunk moment with Megan in the bleachers of the stadium.
>> Walking down Jordan's long and very dark driveway in the middle of the night.
>> The morning after, watching people try to get the water out of the console of the rented Lincoln Navigator with an empty McDonalds cup. (The night before the console made an awesome ice box. The morning after, it was just a big mess)

That was my Oktoberfest. We returned to the city on Sunday, just in time to get hit with Hurricane Juan.

Hurricane Juan Takes on Halifax or PixieSparkle Goes Insane

At first, a hurricane seemed fun. We didn't prepare or anything, we thought it would be over in a day. We were wrong. We were without power/phone for almost 100 hours. It went out Sunday at around 12:30 a.m. and finally came back on Thursday just before supper time. I love my roommates, but this was far too much togetherness. I had nothing left to say.

Low points of the hurricane include:
>> Living off chips and crackers for four days. It doesn't sound bad in theory, but it really was. I gained about 7 lbs.
>> Pretending we were in a musical and singing everything we spoke.
>> Playing cards/board games for hours. Getting angry about rules we weren't used to. (I should clarify, by playing cards I mean LOSING REPEATEDLY)
>> Making our friends with power and a satellite watch 'From Justin to Kelly'. Sorry guys (Although I do think they secretly enjoyed it).
>> Watching the power come on everywhere but here. Across the road, the other half of our street, down the street the other way, etc.

Lest you think we had no fun this week, here are the high points:
>> Pretending we were Peter Mullett on our patio during the storm. (Holding on to the rail and screaming about the weather in a pretend microphone while trying not to blow away)

Actually, that was the only high point. And I haven't seen him on TV since, so I'm kinda worried about Peter and his cameraman George.

It is SO good to be back.


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