I just clicked a link and was taken to a black page that just said "395 days until the world blows up. seriously.". And this wasn't a link! I guess they aren't that serious. Or else they are really serious, but they just don't want other people to know what will blow them up.

I'm at work, and have a few things I should do, but I in order to do them, I need to get into the office upstairs. The problem is that I think I broke the door to the office upstairs. The building I'm in is a really old house and it has old-fashioned locks on all the doors. I can't get the upstairs one to open, and when I kneel down to peer into the key hole (that is actually shaped like the key holes in cartoons!), there is something blocking the way. I do not think this is how it should be. There is someone else who usually uses the office, so maybe SHE broke the door. I really hope it wasn't me, as earlier this week I used it and forgot to lock it... And my supervisor was sent an email about that. I hope she doesn't get another one about me and this door. Yeeish.

Is it time to go home yet?

My roommate has either strep throat or mono. I almost wish that I did too so that I could stay home in my PJs all day.


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