Is there really a need to blast Creed (like Pearl Jam, but with 50% more Jesus) at 6:40 on a Friday afternoon? Or anytime really?

After working all week, I want nothing more then a quick nap before my evening commences. However, the apartment below me -- which never plays loud music, is now playing very loud music. What can I do? Stomp? Put in ear plugs? Play my own music even louder? But what would be a good antidote to Creed? Perhaps Rammstein will scare them into lowering the volume on their pseudo-rock.

Vaguely interesting side note: I was introduced to Rammstein's music at a MuchMusic Video Dance at Ascension Collegiate in grade eleven. Somewhat scary German rock was certainly not what I expected to hear there.

As I was typing I put 'Du Hast' on extremely loud, and the Creed has stopped.

The sweet sounds of victory.


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