Now that I am absolutely, 100 per cent certain of moving home at the end of August, I'm faced with the prospect of packing up my entire Halifax life. I'm going to start by sending crates home every few weeks, but that's creating a whole host of problems. If I can go without it all summer, do I really even need to keep it?

All books, movies, cds are a given. Even the ones I don't really like.

I had to dust my television remote the other day, that is how infrequently I watch tv in my bedroom. I have five basket-like things holding random stuff in my room. I'm sure I don't need all of it, but I have such trouble trying to get rid of the things I acquire.

Often when I'm at a special event or having a particularly good/memorable day, I keep something to remind me of it. For example, I have a can of campbells vegetable soup from Charity Ball in residence, I have a clear CD thing that Jolene made for me that says PixieSparkle and a postcard of puffins and pandas that Trevor made. If you've sent me a card (Maggie) I have it right here (the one I just found is about shoes -- go figure). I have my pass to George Street Festival 2000, paperclipped to the 'I'm sorry' card that came with the flowers Chris gave me after he made me cry the night we went. I have feathers from fairies, a card from CHVO, SHOUT nametags, even a ID card for the Brother Duffy tournament that identifies me as "cheerleader" (granted, St. Francis cheerleaders do need the ""). Not only do I have all my Normies bracelets from the year I lived in St. John's, but I even wrote the date on the back of each. As if having the dates there helps me remember.

I could go on for pages listing all of the random things I have collected, but I think it's interesting only to me. And I already know that I'll ship it all home.

Here is a tidbit of something that I found:

"advice is a form of nostalgia. Dispensing it is a form of pulling a 70s hit off the shelf, setting it to a dance beat, getting Puff Daddy to produce it, and putting it back into A rotation until it burns out again."

(From a parody by Brian O'Connell)


For no apparent reason, my new email account only gets German spam. This is disappointing, as the best part of spam is reading the subject lines, and now I can't even do that.