If you are what you do, and you do nothing, what does that make you?

I saw that on tv earlier today... You know how people ask you what you've been doing and you say "oh, not much..." or "nothing really", even though you've really been super busy at work or have developed a sudden interest in oragimi? Lately, when I say nothing, I mean it.


Monday has become my favourite day of the week. Our Sunday paper isn't delivered until mid-afternoon, so now I save it for Monday morning. I wake up whenever my body tells me it is time, pour a coffee (usually it's already been made) and spend a few happy hours reading every article, letter to the editor, and caption in The Independent. Most days, if it's not raining, I take the dog for a jog (well, mainly a walk with a few joggy bits thrown in for good measure). I read, putter around, and then the day is over. Did you see the movie About a Boy? Or better, read the book? I feel like Will when he wonders how people with jobs find enough time to have a life. It's so easy to fill up time with just BEING it's hard to see how anyone can spend the majority of their day at work and still manage to function.

Obviously this life of leisure must soon end. I've half-heartedly started the job search and I tell myself that in November I'll start searching in earnest. After all, Christmas is coming, and there are lots and lots of things I want to do/have that require a source of income.

My dreams have been much more vivid lately. Many of them place me right back in high school and I'm surprised at the faces from the past that my mind has dredged up. I can see where my subconscious is coming from though. Living with my parents again does feel a bit like I'm back in high school. I've also dreamed that I'm back in Halifax, it's time to go, I haven't finished packing and have to decide what to leave behind and what must come with me. Pretty easy to interpret that one too. There are parts of my life in Halifax that I'm glad are over and I've left behind.

I went to a psychic the other day with Mags... I always get so, so nervous before I sit down at the table and put my hands on the tarot cards. I'm always afraid of impending doom and gloom, but this time wasn't so bad. She told me my life has been on a rollercoaster lately, but right now I'm on an up. She said if I hadn't recently moved across water, then I would be soon, and that I would be taking a well-deserved break/vacation (I think that is right now). There is some older mother like figure with dark hair who has a bunch of knives in my back (luckily, my Mom is blonde) who is causing or will cause me grief, but I'll overcome. I have unexpected money coming to me, but should be careful because something is going to get stolen from me too. She didn't see a boyfriend around me, but said I would meet someone with hair about the colour of mine that I would be attracted to/would be attracted to me. She said good news was coming in the work area, perhaps something related to healthcare or hairdressing. She warned me to take care of my health, as she saw some issues there but nothing that would require hospitalization. She looked right at me and said, "you're smart, you have a good level head on your shoulders, and you're usually confident, but often right at the beginning of a relationship or new situation you lose faith in yourself. Don't do that - you have everything you need." She got me, so so so well.

I'm going to see Dracula on Tuesday, prefaced with a talk from a world-renowned Dracula expert. In November I'm going to see Matt Mayes and El Torpedo, and then Bedouin Soundclash in early December. I'm REALLY excited for the Soundclash. Love their sound.

Goodness, this entry is much longer then usual. I'll stop now.


This is too funny for words. Survivor Toyland, http://gosurvive.blogspot.com/


I have a costume for Mardi-Gras! I will be a fairy. I have beautiful wings, fake eyelashes, flowers for my hair, and a whole lot of fabric to make the actual costume. Since I've never sewn anything before (with the exception of repairing a few rips and tears in PJs), it should be interesting. If it works out as I picture it in my mind, it will be awesome. My Mother seems to think I need a pattern for the sewing. I'm not so sure. What I want is very, very, very simple. Arm holes, a neck hole, and two seams down the side. Not form fitting, not complicated. Doable. Hopefully.

I am having trouble with the kitten names. Butters I like. Twittens not so much. Anyone have any suggestions? I'll post a picture.

Good weekend coming up - George Street, then Beauty and the Beast, hip-hop class, and Thanksgiving dinner.