You know it's a good night when you come home missing bits of jewelry, but with random bar decorations in your purse. So many shots -- and body shots at that. Can't wait to get the pictures back.

And DD -- Sorry I kept undoing your shirt buttons. But you have to admit, it did make the bartender come over pretty quick.


Not a lot of updates -- sharing a dial up account with 6 (soon to be 7) other people means that I don't get much computer time. I haven't forgotten my blog, but I probably won't be updating much over the next little bit. Here is the abridged account of my trip home so far:

-- In depth conversation with my Grandfather about his socks. They are warm and not too high and not too tight. The perfect socks, I should get some.

-- Two of four wisdom teeth removed. Not nearly as painful as I was lead to believe. I have them, if anyone wants to see. They are pretty gross.

-- Stonehouse last night. Karoke. "You're So Vain" was sang REPEATEDLY, by the same people. Quite possibly some of the worst karoke I've ever heard, ever. A group sang "Rudolph the Red Nosed Raindeer", and you would think they had never heard the song before in their life.

-- Food. Endless amounts of food.

-- Disappointing end to House Rules. I knew I should have voted more for Adam and Katie.

Happy Holidays!


I just got back from the mall, and now all my Christmas shopping is finished. I got just a few things for myself too.

I have two magazines and a novel for the flight, then I had to stop myself. I wanted to buy more, but then I realised that I wasn't taking a transcontinental flight. It's about an hour.

Right now is our faux-Christmas Eve. Tonight we'll wrap presents and put them under the tree at our apartment. In the morning we'll go to church, and then come home and open presents and have a family meal. It's a nice precursor to being home and the real thing.


I know, I've said it before. But I REALLY can't wait to get home.


Can you tell the difference between computer language programers and serial killers?

I could, I got 7/10 right.


Also, I just found this link and I thought it was nice.

Nova Scotia and Boston Celebrate Friendship

About how ever since the Halifax explosion, Halifax has been sending Boston a Christmas tree to say thanks (doctors, nurses and volunteers with medical supplies from Boston were the first to arrive to help and the last to leave).

Last night I dreamt that I was Elizabeth Wakefield.

How messed up is that?


This story, from The Ottawa Citizen, really annoys me. "Canadian flag causes flap in the U.S.:
Maple Leaf on baggage irks 'sensitive' Americans

"Canadians should be careful not to appear "boastful" to Americans, who are insecure because of the war in Iraq and admit they are annoyed by northerners showing off the red maple leaf on their luggage when they travel, a recent federal report warns ....

"Some participants expressed a certain amount of annoyance at what is perceived as a systematic attempt by Canadians to make the statement that they are not Americans by sporting the maple leaf," said the recently released report. "This underscores the American sensitivity at feeling rejected by the rest of the world ...." ....

For instance, an American from San Diego is quoted saying: "What bugs me about Canadians, if I may, is that they wear that damn patch on their bags, the Canadian flag patch. That way, they differentiate themselves from us."

If I wear a patch on my backpack, it isn't some American protest. It is because I'm proud of being Canadian. When will certain Americans understand that it isn't all about them? To assume that my Canadian flag has something to do with my feelings towards America and to take affront to it is ridiculous.

Lots of people stumble on my site looking for the hottest state. I feel kinda bad, as there is nothing at all here even remotely related to what they are looking for. So, here are my guesses for the hottest states.

If you're looking for the state with the highest average temperature, I would guess:


Or maybe Alabama. That always sounded pretty hot to me.

If you're looking for the state with the hottest women (I get that a lot), I would guess:

Mass (Lots of universities in Boston and universities always have at least some hot women).

If you're looking for the Ethan Hawke book, I would guess:

Amazon might have it.

If you want a review of the Ethan Hawke book, I guess:

It was alright. Nothing special. It would be good to read on a plane.

Does this help you?


Why My Roommate is Awesome
by PixieSparkle

When my roommate made me supper tonight, he shaped the mashed potatoes into mashed potato men. With carrot bits for buttons.

Similar to the gingerbread man with gum drop buttons, but much healthier.



Everyone needs good friends, and sometimes I feel bad for people who don't have friends as awesome as mine. There are many, many examples of their wonderfulness, but here are some examples that come to mind quickly.

>> When Maggie was visiting, she suggested air-popped popcorn and iced tea (reminicient of grade 9/10). She immediately took over the popcorn duty, as she is aware of my (completely irrational) fear of popcorn makers.
>> When Megan or Jordan make pizza, they save the last of the pizza sauce for me and the juice from the canned pineapple because they know I like it raw.
>> Even though Liz hates peircings, she came with me to get mine and told me it looked good after it was finished.
>> Only Stephanie will do the 3 o'clock George Street walk and eat a George Street dog with me, to be followed later by ripple chips dipped in coleslaw.

It's all about the little things.

I don't know how you're planning on spending your Wednesday night.

Myself, I'm going to go home, eat supper (probably left over pizza), put on my pjs, and play play station.

However, if you lead a more exciting life then me and plan on hitting the town, better read the 86 Boozing Rules.

[I got this link from b-may.]


Two weeks from today, I'll be home. Well, more specifically, I'll be on a plane bound for home. While this semester has gone quickly, and there have been some fun moments, I'm more then ready for it to be over. I have high hopes for this Christmas. It will be a nice break from the things that are starting to annoy me in Halifax... And I'm sure when I come back I won't be nearly as irritable.

So Haligonians -- Take heart! You only have to put up with me for 14 more days. And those in NFLD -- Brace yourself! I'm coming home, and I'm looking for fun. I'm willing to look in all the wrong places, and I'm more then willing to drag you with me.

I still can't get over how quickly 2003 has flown by. It doesn't seem like that long ago I was working in Ontario and learning how to hip-hop. Too bad I don't remember any of those stellar moves. They could have helped with the getting-into-trouble part of my trip home.



A woman, dressed completely as an elf, from her hat and pointy ears to her turned up shoes with bells. I'm waiting for the bus, and as she passes I hear:

"I'm just completely and totally average. That's something I have to deal with. There is just nothing special to separate me from the crowd..."

Ummm... I beg to differ....