Everyone needs good friends, and sometimes I feel bad for people who don't have friends as awesome as mine. There are many, many examples of their wonderfulness, but here are some examples that come to mind quickly.

>> When Maggie was visiting, she suggested air-popped popcorn and iced tea (reminicient of grade 9/10). She immediately took over the popcorn duty, as she is aware of my (completely irrational) fear of popcorn makers.
>> When Megan or Jordan make pizza, they save the last of the pizza sauce for me and the juice from the canned pineapple because they know I like it raw.
>> Even though Liz hates peircings, she came with me to get mine and told me it looked good after it was finished.
>> Only Stephanie will do the 3 o'clock George Street walk and eat a George Street dog with me, to be followed later by ripple chips dipped in coleslaw.

It's all about the little things.


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