Some odd things you may not know about me
PixieSparkle is quite bored:

>> I have a framed picture of a lawn gnome on my desk. His name is Billy.
>> I love Kelly Clarkson, and not even in an ironic way.
>> I sometimes get freaked out at the thought of leaving my fingerprints/DNA in public places (I blame CSI: Miami for this one).
>> I visit a psychic on a regular basis.
>> In high school someone gave me a photocopy of Bill Gate's picture, and I still have it.
>> My friends and I used to break into an abandoned house and pretend to hold seances.
>> One of my favourite things to eat is ripple chips dipped in coleslaw.
>> I sometimes practice conversations/arguments in my head where I am scathingly cool and quick-witted when talking to people I dislike.


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