Today I went to a book sale for the United Way. Not only did I get about seven books, I also got a copy of the board game ‘Girl Talk’. I can’t remember exactly how it works, but I think it is a truth/dare type game. If you fail at the truth/dare, you have to put a zit sticker on your face. And if you win, I think, you get to take a card that will tell you where you’ll meet your dream date. I’m so excited to play!

The only way it could have been better if it was the ‘Dream Phone’ game that Maggie had. I had Girl Talk, and Girl Talk: Secret Diary, but Dream Phone was by far the superior

One of the guys I dated waay back in junior high once played Girl Talk with us and let us put sponge rollers in his hair…He remains one of my favourite people. I can’t wait to tell him that Girl Talk has been resurrected.


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