I meant to blog this yesterday, but I was too hungover. So here are just the highlights of Saturday night at the Palace.

>> The VIP room. There was nothing actually special about it, except tacky wood paneling and a really short suit of armour in the corner.
>> The best McDonalds I've ever eaten. There were two guys at the table next to us who kept switching tables and talking to us. "Excuse me, but can my friend please have a fry?" and "Is that a filet of fish with TOMATO?! WOW!! That is so awesome!!!" and "I sleep in the nude" were just a few of the lines used.
>> Being called 'princess' by some big tough black man (however, it was said very sarcastically, so I kinda made a scene and talked about how he was being disrespectful. His friend apologised profusely on his behalf).
>> Most pimped out cab EVER. We're talking crazy lights, loud music, etc. The name of the company was "dusk til dawn". He blared Shake Your Tailfeather all the way home and we all danced in our seats.

It was a good weekend. Lots of fun hanging out with people (Especially Maggie) that I hadn't seen in so long. There was more I wanted to blog, but nothing that I can remember right now...


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