Every morning when I get off the bus, before I go to work I stop at Tim Hortons to get a large single-single and a plain tea biscuit.

This morning I was waiting patiently to get my breakfast and a man came and stood in front of me... I didn't really care, I wasn't in that much of a hurry to get to work. So when the woman asked who was next, I looked at him, assuming that since he jumped in front of me, he was in a hurry to get some where and wanted to go first. He looks at me and goes "Well, this little lady is next, but she's too shy to order!"


I was pissed off. I was trying to be polite and let him go first. I wasn't intimidated by the Tim Hortons worker. I wasn't afraid to say "A large single-single please". I WAS BEING NICE. NOT SHY. I don't consider myself to be an overly shy person. I don't like being judged by some man in Tim Hortons. Especially when he then feels the need to loudly exclaim his thoughts about me to the whole store.

I seethed the entire way to work. But then on my office door there was a hallowe'en bag filled with mini chocolate bars, which did make me feel much better.


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