Some of the highlights from my visit to the psychic include:

>> I'm going to have twins. Likely boys. [Which is what I've been saying since I'm a kid and what other psychics have told me -- Joshua and Joel]
>> I'm going to get married, most likely to someone I already know and had a relationship with. The relationship would have ended because of school/work/distance, not on bad terms.
>> I'm stubborn.
>> I am rebellious and do whatever I want... Strong sense of self.
>> I will live to be between 80-90, and will live to see kids and grandkids.
>> I will travel a lot. I believe the term used was "Grandma-a-go-go". Lots of small day trips, trips between provinces, but a few trips overseas. One across the Atlantic, likely in the next year.
>> When I fall in love, my head isn't really involved. I'm all heart!
>> I get my strength and a lot of who I am from my Father.
>> I will have two careers, both very different from one another.
>> I can be dramatic and love being the centre of attention. Am a good actress.
>> I live in the moment and don't think too much about the future.
>> I will be like my mother and grandmother. (!!)

And this is a quote I found this morning... It's a french proverb, I believe... "In love there's always one who kisses and one who offers the cheek."


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