When I was in primary school, the school board (or maybe it was my crazy teacher) decided to institute a new program. Instead of teaching children to spell correctly, they had a 'creative spelling' program, where the kids were allowed to spell words however they wanted, however the kid thought they 'should' be spelled.

I'm not sure why they thought it would be a good idea. I doubt it really inspired creativity. I think it just created a generation of horrible spellers. Now when I spell things when I'm stressed/tired/otherwise distracted, I spell them as they sound instead of as they should be.

For example, 'snail' has become 'snale' and 'noise' has become 'noice'. I do it constantly without realising, especially in MSN conversations.

Ugh. Damn Newfoundland school system, working hard to make sure that 'dumb newfies' is still an accurate stereotype.


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