So much to blog, so little time. Here is the condensed form of my weekend...

First, it was off to PEI for my first business trip. I think it can also be classified as the worst business trip. It can only go up from here. We stopped for a minute in Springhill (Anne Murray's birthplace), and I saw a sign that said "DANGER! DO NOT DRINK WATER!"... I thought to myself, we better get the hell out of here asap. Then the car broke down. After waiting around forever, we ended up cabbing to Amherst and spending the night in the Comfort Inn, and not the 4 1/2 star hotel we were supposed to be in.

At the conference, some old man asked me to be his 'dirty girl'. I'm not even making that up.

On the way back, we had to take a tow truck for 2 1/2 hours to get back to Halifax. I was cold, hungry, cranky, and ready to stab anyone who looked at me the wrong way. PixieSparkle wasn't a happy girl. There is much that could be said about this trip, but in the interest of time, space and my sanity, I'm going to put it out of my mind.

On to better news.

Last night, Megan and I went out for supper (Don Cherrys), where I ate entirely too many wings and ribs and drank far too much beer. We went to see Love Actually just a teeny bit buzzed (okay, a lot buzzed), and it was so enjoyable. A number of different love stories all woven together.

At various romantic points during the movie, you could actually hear the women in the theatre sighing in longing. I laughed to myself and silently pitied them for being so clichéd, until I caught myself sighing. The movie really makes you miss Christmas first kisses. It was a good time though.

I cried quite a bit, as is my way. I am a movie crier, a TV commercial crier, a cartoon crier.

This entry is far too long. I’ll stop typing now.


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