I just got home from a pretty good night out, yet I'm still fed up. There is just way too much annoying shit to deal with in the whole bar scene.

Gentlemen (and I use that term loosely); when you are dancing DO NOT arrange your face in that smirky-pursed lip face. That isn't cute. Not even a little bit.

Ladies; please, please, recognize your body type. Don't wear lingere style silk/satin/lace shirts unless you have the body to pull it off -- Otherwise, it's just accenting exactly what you want to hide.

In other news -- While working at ESM tonight I somehow ended up giving out my Dad's phone number to some lady named Cici. Mom, I'm sorry.


This site is awesome and mildly addictive -- http://www.planearium2.de/ you can create your own South Park character in your likeness (the site is in German, but there is an english version if you click on the 'south park flash' button to the right)My brother did our whole family, and it made me laugh out loud. I'd post them here, but I'm not sure if you can post .bmp, and I'm sleeepy. I'll look into that tomorrow.


I only have a very vague memory of posting that last one. I'm pretty impressed with my drunken typing.

The next day I uploaded the pictures from my digital camera, and I had 114. Of the same 6 people (and a few of the ground/table/shoe type randomata). I posted about 20 online, but with only six people in the mix, that's a lot.

http://pixiesparklephoto.blogspot.com Pictures!


I just got home from beer school, and let me just take this opportunity to thank the Labatt Institute. I had heard it would be boring, but I didn't think so at all. They talked a lot about market shares and whatnot, but the best part was all the taste testing and pouring practice. Picture a beautiful bar, no cash register, and about 16 different beers on tap. I had way more fun then I should have... I just found a very nice glass in my purse, but not the brand of beer I was drinking, so I'm not sure what made me feel the need to steal it.

Overall, a very fun night. I'll probably upload some pics to my other site shortly, but right now I should sleep. The thought of working in the morning hurts, bad. I wouldn't take it back though -- free beer is like a gift from the gods. I wish you all had the chance to sit in a bar and drink to your hearts content. It was like Christmas in April.



I lose touch with people, lots of people, people that I would like to keep in contact with. The fact is, I hate the telephone, I’m lazy with emails, and I’d usually rather hang out with my roommates, who I like more then most people. I’m generally just not good at keeping contact, especially when it’s been a long time and there is a big geographical distance involved.

That being said, my peeve is not that I lose contact, it’s how people react to it. I always get blamed for it, as in: “are your fingers broken?? Why haven’t you called/written/visited??” People, communication is a two way street. My phone isn’t ringing off the hook, my mailbox isn’t stuffed with letters and my doorbell isn’t ringing. So stop putting it all on my shoulders. Obviously neither of us feel that it’s an important relationship – if we did, we wouldn’t have lost touch. So fuck off trying to make me feel bad for not calling you. If it means enough to you to guilt trip me, how about you pick up your phone?

Of course, I usually screen my calls, so don’t expect me to answer.