The best times really do just come on their own. Last night I was sitting in front of my computer trying to write a research paper (due today) when my roommate burst into the apartment and into my room and told me I had 50 minutes to get ready. After a few minutes of "oh, but I should do my paper..." I got ready and headed downtown... And had such a good time. Industry night meant dollar drinks, which translated to drunk-meaghan. Met many fun new people and just danced my face off.
Then drunk-meaghan made the usual drunk-meaghan mistakes for the second night in a row. But I'm not going to dwell. But I might take a teeny break from vodka.


I went to see Finding Nemo last week. It was a great movie... Then today I found this link. Apparently inspired by the movie, kids everywhere are flushing their fish friends down the toilet to 'freedom'. Too bad the kids don't realise that freedom is actually a sewage treatment plant.


Right now I'm taking a 4 month statistics course in 3 weeks. I feel as though it is taking over my life. Last night, I dreamed that I was statistically analysing why the men in my life are idiots
"We can be 95% confident that men will respond with idiotic behaviour when faced with me, given behaviour as extreme or more extreme then the behaviour in the sample group. This means that the chances of getting such an observation is significantly high enough to conclude that men are, in fact, idiots"

or something like that. I really suck at my analysis and conclusions.


I've been giving this a lot of thought. Here is my 'list'.
> Matt Damon -- I think having him as a wall for 4 months forged some sort of bond.
> Justin Timberlake -- Now that he is breaking away from the whole boy band thing, his inherent sexiness is even more obvious.
> Eminem -- I could tame his wild ways. I think I could do a great job of his publicity too.
> Hugh Grant -- He is just beautiful. We would make pretty babies.
> Paul Walker -- [subject to change] Such pretty eyes, such a bad actor.

... still to come -- the list of music to accompany my list


I feel so productive. Up before noon, packed a lunch to eat at school, and on my way to meet Sean and learn about the joys of statistics and employee communications. I think it will be a good day.


I was just woken up by a phone call offering me a platinum mastercard. With a $100,000 limit. What on earth would make someone think I'd be a good candiate for such a thing? Here are a few reasons why you shouldn't offer me a $100,000 credit card.
> I'm 20
> I'm still in school
> I'm about 30,000 in debt
> I'm renting
> My other two credit cards are maxed
> I have a serious shopping addiction