I've been home for almost a month. Wow. I've been doing a whole lot of nothing, and I've loved every minute of it. I bought and started the most impossible jig-saw puzzle imaginable. I expect to be finished by December, 2008. I got two kittens, Butters and Twittens, who are almost identical and completely adorable. Roxy, the dog, likes to lick their faces but growls if they try to cuddle with her. This doesn't stop them from trying a lot. I've baked a cake, played glow mini-golf, eaten sushi, rode the rock-o-planes, and signed up for a hip-hop dance class. I haven't started looking for a job, fully unpacked or frequented George Street as much as I thought I would have.

Overall, I am happy.

I've been reading some of Al Pittman's poetry lately. Makes me wish I could write. Here is a current favourite:

Song Also
(a reply to Pat Lowther)

Take me to your island.
I'll speak so softly
you'll have to feel my words
whispering on your skin.
Coming from my own island
I know very well how sound
carries across water.
I'll come in the blackest night
of the year and walk with you
through the twisted trees
to the sea.
And we'll collect
whatever jewelled creatures
you want to wish up
out of the onyx ocean.
We'll lie side by side on the sand
and let the sky touch us
where it will.
I'll wear my warmest skin
and follow whatever you go.
And I'll speak only silence
if you'll take me.