Last night I fell asleep with my contacts in.  My eyes won't stop watering and itching and blinking. It looked as though I was the crazy crying girl on the bus. Luckily for me though, the Halifax transit system has many crazier patrons then me. Today I rode the bus with a man wearing a full safari outfit, including the stuffed snake around his neck. The entire ride downtown he was adjusting the snake so that it was perfectly draped over his shoulders.

Aside from bus crazies, not much news here. Lots of working, lots of playing, and some school stuff too.


Open letter to Veela:

I just got the email you sent my pixiesparkle account, so check your Veela Granger account for my reply... It's too bad I didn't get it before, it would have been awesome to hang out! Will you be coming back through Halifax on your way home? Let me know...

Update: Just tried to email you, but that account doesn't work. Hmm...




If you were wondering why I haven't been updating, this is pretty much it. It's a fun summer.  Posted by Hello


I must say, yesterday was a pretty good Canada Day. Myself and all the roomies (minus Jordan) had to work in the evening, but it was really fun. It was nice and busy, and after all the guests had left, we had a few pitchers of beer and chilled out in the bar for a few hours.

And tonight, after napping all day, we're hitting a keg party. Hopefully it will still be going when we get there, and there will still be beer. I'm really looking forward to it -- I think it will be like a high school party, in the best way possible. Lots of people, lots of drinking.

Whoop whoop!!