A few nights ago I was watching a movie with a friend (that one where Nicholas Cage wins the lottery and shares with a waitress). He had seen it before, but I hadn't... I wanted him to tell me the end so that I'd know what to expect. At first he wouldn't, he said it would ruin the movie... My point was that I like to know beforehand so that I can be ready for what happens. I wouldn't stop watching, but it might change my mindset while watching. After I thought about it a bit though, I realised that wasn't true. If I know that a movie isn't going to end the way I want it to, I stop it at a point that makes me happy.

It made me wonder if this is part of a bigger control issue for me. Not sure if I can put it into words... But I wonder if I only do things if I have a general idea of how they'll turn out? I hope not.. I'm going to make an effort to work on that. Get over the control issues. Just go with it.


Last night I was at a group meeting for class... We have to give a lecture about media relations, and as we were planning our presentation, a group from the other section of the course was working on the same thing. They were trying to figure out how to break down the information, so I offered to show them my outline so they had an idea about what we were doing. They were shocked -- as they looked at each other in incredulity, one of my friends (who is in that group) said, "it's okay, she isn't one of those."

Those referring to the super competitive students in our program. I hadn't really thought of it before, but it's true. A lot of our classmates seem to just be looking out for themselves, which is fine, but I don't really understand why this should be a competition though. We aren't competing against each other for marks, so why shouldn't we help each other out when we can? The other group was amazed that I'd be willing to share with them. It's not like I was giving them answers on the exam, I was just showing them how I had arranged the information, so why should this be so shocking? I'll be glad to be finished with all this in a few months.


The curse has been lifted. "It will be an adventure!" now actually means that it will be an adventure, not that it will be a horrible, horrible experience. For a long time, that is what I said when trying to convince friends to go along with some plan of mine. For one reason or another, something always happened to make it suck. But last night, I suggested an adventure to Shanna, and it was actually awesome.

So from now on, when I say it will be an adventure -- watch out. Cause I mean it now.



We've had 94 cm. And now another 20 cm is on the way... I don't like this.


Why haven't I updated you ask? Well, partly because I've been too lazy this week, but also because I was stuck in a blizzard. Hurricane Juan wasn't enough, so Mother Nature decided to throw another natural disaster our way. Second 'state of emergency' in the past six months. I went out to play pool for a bit on Wednesday evening, and just now am getting home (Friday afternoon)... It makes for a pretty long second date, let me tell you.

Luckily, work has been cancelled because we are out of food, so I'm going to go nap and then study. Midterm break is officially done.


After a particularly long and brutally busy Valentine's Day at the restaurant where I work, this is the spam I got:

Re: Your Xanax Order is Ready.

Thanks Rico Hagan.

More when it isn't 2 a.m.


Today, I stabbed myself when I was peeling potatoes.

Today, I was writing a paper that's due tomorrow and my computer spazzed and I lost 300 words. I have no idea what those words said.

Today, I ate an oatmeal-chocolate chip cookie from the care package my mom sent, and everything felt better.

Today, I unexpectedly ran into a friend that I hadn't seen in a while.

Today, I got a great email.

Today, my dad emailed me pictures of my puppy.

Today, I found good new music recommended by Shem.

Tonight, I will finish the paper and finish a good book.

This morning, while I was hitting snooze for an extra hour, a news story caught my attention and woke me for a few minutes. Apparently, some Government department (Department of Health Promotion??? I don't really remember) put together a graphic pamphlet on sex education for distribution to high school students. However, school boards are not giving it out because it is TOO graphic. This is the part that got me --- some guy, I think he is with the school board said, "This is too much. I've been married for 40 years, and there are things in here that I've never even heard of!!"

This does not mean that the information is too much. It means this man is really, really, REALLY boring in bed.


Someone PLEASE make me go to school. I set my alarm for 9 to get up for my 10:30 class and slept through it... Then a package was delivered from home around 11:50, which made me miss my 12:00... I slept through economics at 1:30, and I need to leave in 10 minutes for my last class of the day. I'm having a lot of trouble making myself... And I think we both know that I'll be napping instead of going to this last class.

Thank god midterm break is next week, I need that time off in ways I can't even explain!


Geekest thing I did today:

Logged on to cbs.com for a live chat with Rudy, who was just voted of Survivor.

I know. I hang my head in shame.


Odd searches are leading people here lately. In addition to the usual "What's the hottest state?" searches, I've gotten "drunk in tatamagouche" (easy enough to understand that. Just see the Polka, Polka, Polka entry from October 3rd), I've gotten "Always one kisses and one offers the cheek", which is a french quote I like but don't remember posting. The last one that freaked me out was "you get your heart broken and wonder how someone you loved could do so much damage to you or you lay in bed wondering why you can't meet anyone decent enough to get to know" ... At first I thought "fuuuck, have I been that fucking pathetic lately?", but then I realized it was from the 1/4 life crisis thing.

But really, lately I've really been enjoying my life. Last semester was a write-off, for the obvious reasons. This semester, I've been just feeling much happier -- I like my jobs, my roommates, my friends, my courses. *knock on wood*, things are great. Find joy in the little things people!

Check it out.... PixieShine A.K.A the other Megan, has created a blog!


This post is for Sarah.

Do you remember when:

We got in trouble for wearing dresses that were too short to some school function?

When we went camping on May 24 with Chris and John?

When John's mom heard one of us fake an orgasm in her hallway?

When you had a bad asthma attack at school and Mrs. Furlong sent me home too because I have a "calming effect" on you"?

When you, me and Aoife went to visit Susan Hogan at the hospital and tried to find the morgue?

When we first bonded over an obsession with .... Well, you know who I mean?

When we both contributed to David H.'s breakdown?

When we thought we were psychic and tried to cast spells?

Those were the good times. And did you know that when we were writing some exam at the end of Grade 10 you dropped your ring and it rolled under my desk and I picked it up and put it on, and I still wear it? It's the only piece of jewelry that I haven't lost.

Now stop yelling at me for lack of updates!

My favourite things about today:

>> Unexpected mail.

>> Cancelled classes.

>> Not having to give a speech.

>> TEN real emails.

But the highlight was definitely the unexpected mail.

Today makes me want to never watch tv again, ever. Can anyone recommend a good book?

The scandal resulting from Janet Jackson exposing herself is rediculous. [And an open note to Justin Timberlake: Don't act all high-and-mighty to the media about Britney's blatent grab for publicity (kissing Madonna) and then do pretty much the same thing by ripping off Janet Jackson's shirt.]

While CBS says it had no idea that such a shocking, offensive move would appear in a family broadcast and they are expressing a 'deep feeling of regret', they can't regret it too much, since their stock went up today.

Janet Jackson apologised and apparently had no idea that it was going to happen, but her new single is being released today. And really, would we be talking about Janet Jackson right now if we hadn't seen her boob last night?

Then tonight I got to see Average Joe 2, where the supposed 'hot guy' drew a nasty picture of the 'average guys' and the average guys found it. So hot guy apologises and practically breaks into tears because he knows what it is like to be unpopular and bullied, because he was a geek in high school. He can FEEL THEIR PAIN. Then buddy -- If you know what it's like, try not to inflict it on others.



Girls who pretend to know/like football are a huge pet peeve of mine. I'm very skeptical about all those female fans who came out today. People who I've never even heard mention a passing interest in the game seem to be pretending that it's their new religion.

What's up with that?