Last night I was at a group meeting for class... We have to give a lecture about media relations, and as we were planning our presentation, a group from the other section of the course was working on the same thing. They were trying to figure out how to break down the information, so I offered to show them my outline so they had an idea about what we were doing. They were shocked -- as they looked at each other in incredulity, one of my friends (who is in that group) said, "it's okay, she isn't one of those."

Those referring to the super competitive students in our program. I hadn't really thought of it before, but it's true. A lot of our classmates seem to just be looking out for themselves, which is fine, but I don't really understand why this should be a competition though. We aren't competing against each other for marks, so why shouldn't we help each other out when we can? The other group was amazed that I'd be willing to share with them. It's not like I was giving them answers on the exam, I was just showing them how I had arranged the information, so why should this be so shocking? I'll be glad to be finished with all this in a few months.


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