This post is for Sarah.

Do you remember when:

We got in trouble for wearing dresses that were too short to some school function?

When we went camping on May 24 with Chris and John?

When John's mom heard one of us fake an orgasm in her hallway?

When you had a bad asthma attack at school and Mrs. Furlong sent me home too because I have a "calming effect" on you"?

When you, me and Aoife went to visit Susan Hogan at the hospital and tried to find the morgue?

When we first bonded over an obsession with .... Well, you know who I mean?

When we both contributed to David H.'s breakdown?

When we thought we were psychic and tried to cast spells?

Those were the good times. And did you know that when we were writing some exam at the end of Grade 10 you dropped your ring and it rolled under my desk and I picked it up and put it on, and I still wear it? It's the only piece of jewelry that I haven't lost.

Now stop yelling at me for lack of updates!


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