Friday night was like a repeat of last semester. Dusk-til-Dawn pimped out cab, The Palace, the VIP room, etc. The only thing missing was a certain red-head making a scene at McDonalds....

It was a really fun night -- we ran into a house pub crawl from another university and met some really fun cute people. It once again reminded me of what I'm missing out on by going to such a small predominantly female university. At my drunkest, I ran into an ex on the street for a minute. When I was complaining about him in the line up for another bar, the girl behind me pointed out that it could be worse. Her last boyfriend stole her father's credit card. Ouch.

When I got home I wrote an incredibably long rambling post that was probably better suited to my real journal. Luckily, when I hit 'post' it said my session had expired and I lost it. Thank God.

I started working my second job on Friday -- And I've more then hit 10,000 steps a night there. It's really different to be working somewhere that isn't an office, but I really like it so far.

I'm feeling quite boring, so I'll stop.


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