I was talking to a friend from high school tonight (Ryan, for those of you who went to high school with me). We haven't talked in a few years. Maybe once or twice since I left Newfoundland. He happened to come online tonight though, so we were chatting.

It was funny, because I had been thinking of him recently and he told me he had been thinking about me the other day too. Funny how that works. But as Ryan said, "Time is only a number with some people. Good friends don't just vanish... No matter how long they're gone." He always has the perfect response. Another favourite is, "Not second best, second to arrive."

But I'm getting off topic.

I'm starting to develop a theory about the ways we stay connected to people, even when we don't realise it. I haven't quite been able to put it into words yet, so bare (bear? I dunno) with me.

I found a necklace that Ryan gave me in grade seven, which made me think of him. He apparently thinks of me too at some point in time near when I found the necklace, and then we get to chat a bit.

A few years ago, I found an email address written on a scrap of paper that belonged to a guy that I had lost touch with, but who I really connected with at the time I knew him. I email him, and he emails me back and tells me that he had found a letter I wrote him in his car a few days before (and he had no idea how a letter written four years previous got in his car) and he had heard a song that we used to listen to all the time (Song 2 - Blur) on the radio. And that email address I found was about to be disconnected, so if I hadn't written at that exact point, we probably would have lost touch forever. That was two years ago, and we are still good friends in close touch.

I'm not sure what else I'm trying to say here, except I don't think it's a coincidence. I have other examples to back up my yet-nameless theory, but I won't bore you with them.

Let me just sum up this overly long ramble by repeating Ryan:
Good friends don't just vanish. No matter how long they're gone

I think he hit the nail on the head.


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