My roommates told me last night that I have too much stuff. I don't think I do. All of my things are very important, and I can't just shove them in a box in my closet (partly because there is no room for anything in there).

The following is a list of things that I am not getting rid of. Ever.

... Pink elephant. My cousin gave me that when she came back from PEI.

... Love bug. Stephanie gave it to me one Valentine's Day when I was feeling down.

... Tiny ballerina bear. Sure, she's tippy, but I got her for my very last recital.

... Coca-Cola bear. Chris gave me the bear with the Rod Stewart hair after I broke up with him.

... PixieSparkle bank. It was a going away present from Veela and everyone in Ontario.

... Dot, from A Bug's Life. The Happy Meal toy is me in bug form. I think Brent gave it to me.

... Tiny plastic horse. She is my good luck charm. I take her to exams with me (and I haven't failed yet, so she works). I rescued her from a cobweb when I was 7 and staying at a summer house.

... The aquarium. It's very peaceful. Or at least, it will be when I clean it and fill it with fish.

... Lava lamp. (I think this one is self-explanatory)

And yes, it is necessary to have 38 framed pictures in my room.


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