Today makes me want to never watch tv again, ever. Can anyone recommend a good book?

The scandal resulting from Janet Jackson exposing herself is rediculous. [And an open note to Justin Timberlake: Don't act all high-and-mighty to the media about Britney's blatent grab for publicity (kissing Madonna) and then do pretty much the same thing by ripping off Janet Jackson's shirt.]

While CBS says it had no idea that such a shocking, offensive move would appear in a family broadcast and they are expressing a 'deep feeling of regret', they can't regret it too much, since their stock went up today.

Janet Jackson apologised and apparently had no idea that it was going to happen, but her new single is being released today. And really, would we be talking about Janet Jackson right now if we hadn't seen her boob last night?

Then tonight I got to see Average Joe 2, where the supposed 'hot guy' drew a nasty picture of the 'average guys' and the average guys found it. So hot guy apologises and practically breaks into tears because he knows what it is like to be unpopular and bullied, because he was a geek in high school. He can FEEL THEIR PAIN. Then buddy -- If you know what it's like, try not to inflict it on others.



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