Have you heard of Post Secret? It's a site where people send in postcards with their deepest, darkest secret and it is then posted on the internet for all to see. They range from funny to heartbreaking to disturbing. New postcards are added every Sunday, and there is usually an email or two posted that outlines the impact that a particular secret had on someone.

While I was home over Christmas, my Grandmother told me one of her secrets. Before she met my Grandfather, she was engaged to a man from Montreal. He fought in WW2 and was taken as a prisoner of war. She waited for him for five years, and he kept a picture of her with him all while he was in the POW camp. When he came back to Canada he wanted her to move to Montreal to marry him. For various reasons (ailing mother, difficulty crossing the border - this was before Newfoundland confederation), she couldn't go to him and his war injuries made it impossible for him to come to her. Eventually she met my Grandfather and married him, but on her wedding day she received a telegram from her soldier saying "you deserve better then the best". In a jealous fit some years later my Grandfather ripped up the telegram, her pictures of him, and the letters he had sent her. She said that often Pop will tell her she is the only woman he ever loved and that she can't honestly say that back to him.

I asked for his name to look him up on the internet, but she said she's already tried and can't find him. However, I'm pretty sure that my internet research (stalking) skills are better then hers.

Of course, if she had married him, I would never have existed and you wouldn't be reading this right now...


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