I meant to post about my trip home over a week ago, but I'm pretty lazy and never got around to it.

It was quite fun, with the exception of an eye infection / scratched retina that kept me from going out as much as I wanted to. I must be an especially cozy host for germs - I catch EVERYTHING. I flew home on a Wednesday, and on Friday when I woke up my eyes were a bit sore. I attributed it to being out too late the night before, but as the day went on, it got worse and worse. I must have looked like someone killed my cat with all the tears streaming down my face.

It got to the point where I couldn't open my eye and light hurt SO bad. I self diagnosed myself with a detached retina (thanks WebMD!), so since my family doctor wasn't around, we headed to the emergency department. Three hours and a box of tissues later, my eye was getting worse and the waiting room kept getting more and more full (turns out there were some stabbings and the ONE doctor on duty was busy with them and hadn't taken any new patients since 6am). My mom found out about a walk in clinic across town, so we left ER and headed over. We walked in and were out TEN minutes later, prescription in hand and eye patch on.

Wearing an eye patch for a few days made me glad to not be a pirate. I couldn't read, watch TV or look at a computer screen -- it was entertainment hell. I slept a lot.

All seems to be better now and the rest of my trip was a success, but far, far too short.

In other news, I have Pearl Jam tickets! And I didn't have to line up outside to get them! My brother is a member of their fan club, and they reserve a block of seats for members that you can buy online. Mike did that weeks ago, so while everyone has been freaking out about getting tickets and making plans to line up overnight, I sat back feeling kinda smug. I have tickets! And I didn't have to be outside in the rain for hours and hours!

And lets not get started on the rain -- I haven't seen the sun since May 16th. 12 days is a long time to endure rain, drizzle, fog, and the frequent downpour. BRING ME SOME SUMMER!


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