We've somewhat settled in the new place. Except I still haven't adjusted to having no window. Anyone who talks to me in real life will have heard this many times already. I can never wake up before noon, unless I hit snooze for about 40 minutes. A girl needs sunlight! It's disorienting waking up in complete darkness. I love, love, love being downtown though. Everything I need is right outside my door. I didn't cook for the first 17 days living here.

I just watched Before Sunrise with Ethan Hawke and Julia Dempsey, mainly because I had heard about the sequel and I thought it sounded interesting and wanted the backstory. At first, I wasn't so into it. I see the concept, and it's interesting... But so unlikely. And even if it was a likely occurrence, I'd hate to do it. Not the wandering around a foreign city, but the pretentious, self-important-but-goofy talk would get to me too much. But the message is nice. And I can think of a few people in particular that I really connected with at various points... but then had to leave. I think that's good sometimes. Not that you have to leave them, but to know that you met someone and there was something there; you really like them, and you know they really like you. And you miss them for a while... but there is something sweet in missing of this kind.

...I stole that last line from Mags...


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