The surgery is over with and the parents have left. It was nice to be babied for a week -- nothing like homemade soup when you're not feeling the best. It went pretty well, I still have stitches and a sore stomach, and I get really tired really easy (I had to have a cyst removed, for those who didn't know). Now that is out of the way and I can move on to bigger and better things.

My last semester of university starts tomorrow. Just four more courses and I'll be finished. It's all electives, so I had a lot of freedom picking them. I'm doing 'Evil', a religion course and behavior modification(psych). Two more business courses too, just to round it out.

My roommates and I are moving downtown at some point this month... I'm excited to get out of the suburbs and do some real city living. All the bars are in walking distance, I can walk to work, and everything I need is right outside my door. Sounds like heaven, except for the part where I have to pack up all my stuff and then unpack it.

All and all (or is it 'All in all'?), things are well.


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