I'm back in Newfoundland, and I've discovered what it is I love about this place. The terms of endearment. Stopping at the grocery store, I was called "m'love" three times (I counted). Then I had the following exchange with a gas station attendant when I stopped to get gas:

Gas station attendant: "Hello m'darlin', how are you tonight?"
Me: Pretty good, and yourself?
GSA: Well dear, I'd be better if I could hop in that car with you and drive away
Me: Sorry darlin', maybe next time.
GSA Friends: My god [insert name here]! You're so brazen!

SEE! When I'm here I even do it! I also like that young people use the word brazen. The people here are just so friendly. Its commonplace to have conversations with strangers. In other conversations with strangers news ... While I was waiting for my cab to the airport outside my apartment building, a lovely old lady stopped to chat. She told my roommate and I about her arthritis and about another lady in the building (who was only in her 50s) who recently met a nice man. When asked how she met this man, the woman replied 'the internet'... So the other old lady confided in my roommate and I that her husband had died about seven years before so she is gonna get herself an internet. Then she laughed girlishly and went inside. It positively made my morning.


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