I didn't realised how attached I was to Jenn Lindley until she died. I always thought she was somewhat annoying and needy. But after I found out she was dying, I realised how much I enjoyed her. It was so sad seeing her in the hospital bed, being so brave. Jenn and I were alike in a lot of ways. I'll miss her.

Okay, I know its about three months late, but I've only just now watched the series finale of Dawsons Creek. I'm gonna miss that show. I remember watching it in my high school cafeteria during basketball games (while supposedly cheerleading in the gym, Stephanie Reynolds and I would leave to find out what was going on in Capeside), and I've loved seeing all the reruns on TBS.

I need a new teen drama to fill the void. I hope The O.C. is up to the challenge

[ed. note: yes, I am aware of the fact that I am a geek.]


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