New Thought: MSN/ICQ chat software can be detrimental to healthy relationships.

The problem I have with chat software such as MSN/ICQ is that it inhibits me from ending relationships when the expiry date is long past. When a relationship ends and the words "I want to be friends" are said, it is usually an empty statement to make it easier for everyone involved. But now a perverse curiosity and the instantaneous response makes me send messages to people that I should just forget about.

Sometimes, you shouldn't be friends. Sometimes, you just don't want a new friend. But it's hard to recognise that when you can keep in close contact online and forget the problems that are there in real-life. It makes it very easy to remember the good, and sometimes it tricks me into thinking I want something I don't. Other times, it just makes me happy that someone isn't in my life in that way anymore... But I still don't give up the contact when I should. I keep talking to them, and they keep frustrating me in millions of little ways.

The solution? Well, as a very smart friend of mine said to me about 5 years ago, "delete his contact and save your soul!" I didn't listen then, and I probably never will delete the person she is referring to... But I am learning.

Starting tonight, I'm cleaning up my contact lists and saving my soul. At least a little bit of it anyway.


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