Tips for enjoying yourself at The Dome:
>> Flirt with the DJ. Sure, he's unattractive and not your type at all, but he'll play the music you like and shout your name over the sound system. Twice.
>> When approached by people with cameras offering to put your picture on The Dome website, politely decline. It seems like a good idea at the time, but when you're sober and your friend sends you the link, you will realise it is not actually cool to have your picture there for all to see.
>> Drink plenty of double vodka-grenadene-pineapple drinks. Drink them quickly, before the drunken masses spill and slosh them all over you.
>> Dance UNDER the balcony so the lecherous men can't look down your shirt as you shimmy and shake your bon-bon. Avoid the stage.
>> Find a cute boy to accompany you on your search for friends, who will disappear until the end of the night.
>> Resist pizza corner. Its just not good.
>> Leave with those you came with.


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