If tonight is any indication, this summer is going to be really fuckin' fun.

Earlier I was really sleepy and just wanted to do absolutely nothing. Then I found out that a guy who I dated in high school happened to be visiting his sister, who happens to live with a friend of mine from school. When I heard this, I had to go out...

A few drinks at the Oasis were followed by many, many drinks at the Dome. I learned that I should have partied more with the people in my program -- they are surprisingly fun, big drinkers.

A guy remembers me wearing a red silk dress at Charity Ball... That didn't happen. Never worn a red silk dress in my life.

It's late now... I must go to bed... Class and work tomorrow. But let me just put it on record now -- This summer will rock.

Oh yeah -- Veela, I saw your twin tonight. Did you come to HFX and not tell me?!


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