I went to see I Mother Earth last night. The show was fun, but today I'm a lot more of the tired, and not so much of the not tired. but the best part of the show was the drive there.
I have said before that I live in the ghetto. Now I know this to be true.
Veela picked me up, and we drove down our street to find police cars, a TV news truck, and lots of people milling about. As we got closer, we saw a group of about five or six men wearing decontamination suits and masks outside a family home. One man was even wearing the hardcore gas mask, like on tv. Immediately, we thought SARS, in our neighbourhood, which was pretty exciting. So we went and got gas, turned around and drove back up the street. We pulled up to a group of very sketchy looking people, and I rolled down my window.

me [very polite]: "excuse me, do you know what is going on here?"
bearded old man [in a tone that made it sound like I was an idiot for not knowing]: "drug bust"

so it wasn't quite SARS. but still pretty good.


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